Inspired by Blaine and Julie (picture was actually on our agency yahoo group which I can’t link to…well I could, but you’d all have to join the group to see it), and perhaps someone else that I’m forgetting, I decided to try piggyback ponytails on Yordie.

Slightly out of focus, but you get the picture (oh, man that’s a pun in so many different ways):

Yodie in piggy back braids

A little better although she’s not actually looking at the camera:


Have you ever tried to take a picture of the top of an 22 month olds head?  They naturally look up at the camera.  This is the best I can do for a close up (the bottom crop isn’t mine, it’s the edge of the picture):

top of yordies piggyback ponytails

I think you get the idea.  You can do it with much shorter hair than you could with piggyback braids; it might be a good style for an older child with short hair (due to the orphanage shave).  You have to use a lot of rubber bands in the hair, so I do worry that it’s damaging her hair.  But it looks really good.