Here are some things I love about each member of  my family.  I know there are a million more.

1. I love my husband’s sense of humor,  his loyality, his knowledge, his sense of adventure, his desire to learn, and that he is the most amazing father and husband a gal could ask for.

2.  I love Meron’s zest for life, her laugh, her resilience, and the fact that she is an amazing sister and daughter.   I also love that she always teaches me about pop culture in the 5 year old world, and always has stories to brighten my day.  She is the greatest daughter I could have asked for. 

3. I love Estifanos’s smile, that he is an amazing friend, that he cares for others and animals, and that he is always interested in learning more. He always has good ideas, and he is so athletic.  He is an amazing older and younger brother, and the best son I could ask for.

4.  Yordie is amazing. I love her laugh, her talking, her energy, and her love.  She is a great sister, daughter, and is learning to be a great friend.  Her love keeps me strong.

5. My oldest pet is my cat Hana.  Hana is so loyal, and always there to sit on your lap when you have had a hard day.  She loves to cuddle.  She is named after Hana in Hawaii, and she reminds me each day to relax.

6.  Kona my younger cat.  She is timid and shy around most.  She tolerates me the best. She is sweet and has learned to love Meron who she sleeps with nightly. She doesn’t  like to be around people much, but loves to talk to us from the next room.  I love to hear her when I come home.  She also reminds me of Brian’s and my youth when we brought her home as a kitten.

7. Maui my older dog.  The most loyal pet.  She thinks she is a human and sleeps in the bed right next to me. She is caring and sweet to people.  She has welcomed the kids with open arms into her world, and she loves to sleep, play,  and cuddle with them even though she is twice their size.  I am so grateful for how patient she is with them.

8.  Dylan my 100 pound puppy.  He is the happiest dog I know.  He loves life, and reminds me to enjoy it.  He is always happy and loving.  He has been great with the kids.  He always wants to play in their games.   He sleeps with us every night,  and still eats things off the sink like he did as a puppy. He is the funniest dog I know. I love him.

These are just a few things about our clan.  Everyone in our family except Brian and I are adopted.  We come from many walks of  life, but have a ton of love for each other.