We went to Arizona last weekend. The trip, told mostly in pictures is under the fold. (Apologies in advance for the lack of cropping, it’s a tough week, only working 4 days, so with this many pictures to upload, something has got to be sacrificed.)

I drove:
driving in car

The kids rode:

Estifanos riding in the carMeron riding in the carYordie ridding

We drove that far to see the:

Padres t-shirt

We actually went to a game in Yuma the first day, but there are no pictures because we we’re both too busy trying to make sure Yordie didn’t fall through the bleachers. Note to self: Don’t get the cheap seats at the Yuma ball park if you’ve got kids under 3.

We stayed overnight here:

kids at hotel

The next day we went to Peoria and watched the game in the Padres usual spring training stadium:

padres up close

Only our view was more like this:

Peioria ballpark

But the kids enjoyed sitting on the:

kids on grass at ballpark

Guest photo and description by Estifanos: I flirted with these girls next to us and they even let me take a picture of them:

girls sitting next to us

Last, but certainly not least, the kids discovered the best thing (next to hot dogs) about baseball games:

peanuts on the grass