It seems like we have Madagascar fever around our house.  Estifanos watches Madagascar daily.  He knows every character by name, but still watches the movie with the same excitement as the first time he saw it.  Meron knows all the song lyrics to every song in the movie.  She will bust out singing at the dinner table.   Yordie is even in on it.  She sits in her Tickle Me Elmo Chair, and watches for at least 3 minutes, which is her attention span.  She has Madagascar shoes with lights that were handy down from Estifanos.  Every morning she points to the shoes and says, “Shoes on.”  She will wear no other shoes.  I think it is good that I bought them some new DVDS for Easter.  At least we finished watching the Cailou Holiday Movie daily.  We watched that until March.   I am now off to move it move it.