April 2007

Crazy week, but I still found plenty of good stuff to share with you:

Also Mary’s giving away 2 of Bono’s books about Africa (the other give away is here).  And my first post on The Motley Fool is up (might require you to give them an e-mail address).  If you like it, hit the recommend button.  I doubt they’ll pay me more for it, but at least I’ll get some feedback since they don’t have a comments section.


It is love Thursday, so in honor of that I want to give a shout out to my husband.  This Saturday we are going out on a date in the afternoon. It is the first time we have gone out alone in a year except to look at cars or Christmas shopping.  I am glad to spend some time with my amazing husband.  Brian is a great husband, an awesome dad, a researcher who works a million hours a week, helps around the house,  has an extensive knowledge of adoption which he shares with others any chance he gets, is loyal to family and friends,  has extensive knowledge of investing and science which he is now turning into a new career, and writes this awesome blog.    Here are just five things he did this week that made my life  better as a working mom of three.

1.  He stayed home Tuesday afternoon to wait for telephone repair man, so I could work.

2.  He took down Yordie’s crib that she hasn’t been sleeping in, so the kids would have more room to play in their room.

3.  He volunteered to be an assistant soccer coach next year. 

4. He helped organize Meron and her entourage of 5 year olds at her Birthday Party, so all chaos did not break out.

 5.  He got a new job, so eventually we can move to a bigger house. He can spend more  time with our three kids.

Thanks honey for being you, and  thanks for sharing our adoption journey with others. I hope that through our experiences other kids can be welcomed into their forever family.

Ever type a comment in a blog and know that you’ve misspelled a word (because you’re smart, or like me, because you’re using Firefox’s in-line spell checker)?  The problem is their spell checker sucks (or more to the point, I can’t get close enough for it to figure it out the correct suggestion).  But you don’t want to fire up MS Word just to figure out the correct spelling.  Enter Google to the rescue.  Just type the misspelling into Google, and it will likely suggest the correct spelling.  The only problem comes when it’s a misspelled word that everyone uses, because then it gets enough results that it doesn’t give you a suggestion.  In that case, I just leave it because I figure I’ve got good company.

Google as a spell checker works for me.


“Someone’s paying me to write articles.” The “interview” was basically a description of the job followed by him asking if I was interested. It’s part-time for now.


“I’m so glad I didn’t get those other blogging jobs.” I applied for a job writing for this blog, but apparently I don’t have enough kids (experience) since the woman that got the job has something like 30 adopted kids. I also applied to the hometurf blog network to start a blog about San Diego, but they were just starting a blog which eventually turned into this blog. If I had gotten either of the jobs, I wouldn’t have started my biotech investment blog which landed me the job.

The first person with a blog who names the publication where I’m now writing (big hint in the title) earns a pass in the eventual culling of my RSS feeds I’m going to have to do since I need to add a ton of investing ones, and I don’t have the time to read the ones I have right now.

I have a phone interview tomorrow for the job. Actually, “interview” is my word. The managing editor’s words were more like “I liked your submission” and “talk about this role with you further,” so things look positive….which is actually stressing me out more.

But enough about me, I’m pretty sure you’re just here to see pictures of the kids, so without further ado: The birthday girl and some of the other kids. Thanks to Papa for the pictures since we left our camera on the counter.

meron birthday 1

meron birthday 2

meron birthday 5

meron birthday 7

meron birthday 6

meron birthday 8meron birthday 9

I’m a little stressed right now. On Wednesday, I opened my e-mail and found an e-mail containing (amongst others) the following lines:

As it so happens I’m looking for qualified people to write about biotech companies to expand our coverage.


If you’re at all interested in writing for us let me know and we can get the ball rolling.

Now if that doesn’t sound like a job offer, I don’t know what is. I was flattered and elated (and quite frankly a little shocked). It’s no secrete that I’d like to get out of the lab (it’s even in the about section of my other blog, which is why he contacted me). After an e-mail exchange discussing the time commitment and pay (Answers: could be full or part time and it depends), I got an e-mail that I need to fill out an application that goes to the managing editor.  I guess this isn’t a done deal after all.

Thursday morning I filled it out (including a sample article…as if my blog isn’t one big resume) and hit the submit button….SERVER ERROR (good thing I copied everything into a word document). Switch browser, fill everything out again…..SERVER ERROR…OK it’s probably not a problem on my end. E-mail the editor. He says to just send the sample article and my resume (I guess I wasted a lot of time coming up with witty answers to questions like, “What’s your favorite financial publications and why?”

And here I sit 24 hours since I sent in the e-mail…checking my e-mail 2 or 3 times an hour…checking Google Analytics to see if anyone from the town their headquarters is in has visited my blog. I jump every time my cell phone rings. It’s just like when we were waiting for our referral call.

Oh and did I mention that the contract that Susan’s company has with the county is up for re-bid, so we don’t know if she has a job after June 1st. They were supposed to find out last week, then this week, now she just found out that they will probably not know for at least 2 more weeks.

Any prayers you can spare would be greatly appreciated.


And so on with the top 5 things I think you should read (reduced to 4 because I was busy writing a sample article for the application):

  • Another reason Dads should read to their kids.
  • An easy to make construction set made from PVC pipe. I’m a little afraid that it will result in kids hitting each other with the pipes, but Estifanos is into building things and puzzles right now, so we might give this a try. (Hat tip: Parent Hacks)
  • Child abuse as reported by The Onion. 95% of kids report “…abuses ranging from less severe offenses, such as children being denied snacks just before dinner, to more egregious, long-term cases of neglect, such as never ever getting what they want, ever.” (Hat tip: Stroller Derby)
  • 4 ways to make a bad job good (not that my job is all that bad) Hat tip: Lifehacker.

Back to checking my e-mail.  What time do you think they leave on Friday afternoon, so I can relax until Monday?

Tomorrow is my eldest 6th Birthday.  On her 5th Birthday we had just met her three days before, and were staying at The Hilton together.  I don’t think she even knew what a Birthday was.  Today she counts down the days til her Birthday, her Chuck E Chesse party with her friends, her presents, and her traditional Birthday cupcakes. 

I just want to say how amazing my princess is.  A year ago this week she met Brian and I at Horizon House in Ethiopia.  She had been there for three and a half months with Estifanos after being seperated from her first mom and Yordie.  In the last year I have watched her grow, and am so proud of the little girl she is becoming.  She has learned English, adjusted to living in a country far away from Ethiopia, made friends, is almost done with kindergarten, and has openly accepted and learned to love Brian and I as her parents.    

A year ago this week she left Horizon House for America with Estifanos.  She left behind everything she had known, her first family, and her baby sister.  She came with Estifanos and waited patiently until we could reunite her with Yordie.  She trusted us from the beginning.  Her love and acceptance of change has enabled Estifanos and Yordie to adapt to their new lives with ease.  She is the most awesome big sister and daughter I could have dreanmed of.    I can’t remember my life without her in it, and I am grateful every day that she was brought into my life. 

The other day I was shopping for shoes for myself, and she was helping me pick out the shoes. She picked out some pink shoes for me of course, and looked at the shoes I picked with a smirk.  I said, “What is wrong with these?”  She said, “They are too big looking I won’t let you wear those.”  She is a girly girl and she has a “tom boy” for a mother.  We are good for each other though, because we compliment each other. 

On her 6th Birthday tomorrow I wish my baby health, yummy Birthday cupcakes, hapiness, fun with her friends at Chuck E Cheese this weekend, and as always my love. 

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