Last week in my post about our trip to spring training, Kasi of the Reynolds Rap asked about how to keep your kids happy in the car. I’ve got a pair of tips for you, but I can also point you to Shanon’s works for me Wednesday where this week is there is a car theme, so when you’re done here, pop over there for about 100 more ideas.

Here’s plan A:

Travel during nap time

kids sleeping in car

Plan B:

Portable DVD player

When we bought our van we didn’t get the built-in DVD player because frankly, we couldn’t afford it. But it turns out that a portable DVD player works much better because we can set it up to play and Mom and Dad can still listen to music in the front of the car (just adjust the fade to all the way forward to turn off the back speakers). When they get older, we can buy a second (and third….Nth) player and then each kid can watch their own movie with headphones.

1 hour naps + 2 hour movies = Works for me