Yesterday Meron went to the space museum on a field trip. She told me about how she saw a rocket ship,  and a rock climbing movie.  I think she may have been watching moon walking, but to a five year old it is all the same.  This year like all other years has been made up of 365 days, but I have felt like I was blasted to space on a rocket ship.  I met my  kids a year ago this week when we went to Ethiopia to get our two oldest.  I can’t believe they have been home a year.  I turned thirty this year, so I will reflect back on the 30 biggest events  that happened to me this year.

April 2006

1.  The Monday before we traveled to Ethiopia we  were told Estifanos had a congenital heart issue. His diagnosis was unclear.

2. Estifanos saw a cardiologist in Ethiopia,  and  our cardiologist determined that it was not life threatening,  and was treatable if that was needed. 

3.  I finished my last day of work for two and a half months.

4. We traveled thirty six hours to Ethiopia.

5. We met Meron and Estifanos on April 16th 2006. Our lives were forever changed.  We celebrated Meron’s 5th Birthday with her.

6.  The WHFC coordinator gave us news that Meron and Estifanos’s younger sister Yordanos was now available for adoption.  She would be coming to Horizon House. She was 11 months old at the time.  We had planned for one kid a year before this, and now were looking at being first time parents to three.

7.  We met our kids first mom, they said goodbye to her for the last time, and she introduced us to Yordie.  That was one of the most emotional days of my life.

8.  We returned to the US with our two kiddos in tow.  Yordie was not with us, but was in our hearts now.  I learned that life can change in a minute, and never try to plan for things.

9. My kids first night in America they ate pizza, and ate avocados straight off the tree at my sister’s house.  They even ate the skins.

10.  I had a horrible sinus infection for two weeks, and tried to help a 3 and barely 5 year old adjust to a new life where they did not know language or culture.

11.  Brian stayed home the first two weeks.  He is such a blessing.


12.  We celebrated our first Mother’s Day, and our six year wedding anniversary.

13.  We went to Sea World and The Zoo for the first time with the kids.

14.  We decided for certain to adopt Yordie, and we did more endless paper work.


14.  The kids started preschool part time, and they loved it.

15.    I celebrated my 30th Birthday as a new mom with kids.

16. I went back to work.


17.   My kids swam all summer and played.    They started gymnastics classes, which Estifanos still does.  They learned so much English.

18.  My Mom and I left for Ethiopia to get Yordie.


19. My Mom and I had an amazing trip to Ethiopia as we got to know Yordie who was now 14 months old.  The three generations got to spend  some quality time together.

20.  We came home, and I took another couple of weeks off from work to bond with Yordie.

21. Meron started Kindergarten, and loved it.  She also started soccer.

22.  I went back to work,and Brian played Mr. Mom for a few weeks.  I started a new job when I returned to work.


23. We spent Labor Day in Mexico before Yordie started at day care.


24.  We celebrated Halloween as Ehore, Tigger, and Pooh.  We loved Trick or Treating.

25.  We went to our first Birthday party for Estifanos’s friend at Chuck E Cheese.


26.  We celebrated Estifanos’s 4th Birthday at Lego Land.  He got a bike that he had talked about for months.

27. The kids were baptized with family and friends there.  We also celebrated Thanksgiving.  The kids loved turkey.


28.  EStifanos had a heart catherization shortly befor Christmas.  That was a stressfultime.  We celebrated Christmas , which was such an experience.  We went to Carnivals, parties,and awaited Santa.   We also went on a trip to Santa Barbara. 


28.  We found out Estifanos didn’tneed to have open heart surgery, and that they can just monitor his condition.  We celebrated Valentine’s Day, and got lots of candy.


30.  We went to Arizona on a  family vacation.  It was fun to watch the Padres play baseball.


30 1/2.  We are getting ready to celebrate Easter, Meron’s 6th Birthday at Chuck E Cheese, Yordie’s2nd Birthday in Mexico, and our one year anniversary of being a family.  My 30th year will be a memorable one.  I wonder what next year has in store.