I think I’m finally understanding 4 year-old humor. Those of you who’ve had a few of them already please correct my if I’m wrong, but it seems to go something like this:

  • Talking to inanimate objects (2 points)
  • Talking about eating something you shouldn’t (2 points)
  • Talking about poop (3 points)

It appears to be an exponential scale, so for instance, telling the table that you’re going to eat your sister’s poop is worth 15 points ( 2 + 22 + 33) and a whole bunch of laughs.

I should also note that getting your sister to say, “That’s gross!” is worth an additional repeating of the statement followed by more laughter. Getting your father to say, “That’s gross,” is…….priceless because lets face it, he was a 4 year-old boy once.