It’s Friday already and I’ve got some good stuff for you to read, look at, and do. Enjoy:

  • I don’t usually put quotes in this series (I figure my endorsement and description is enough to convince you to read it…or not), so you know that this is a must read, especially if you’re thinking about adopting:

    She did not seem to care if we were good parents, had a tidy home study done, were properly fingerprinted, had taken the mandatory training classes, or that we were white Americans. She just wanted to know if could help — if we could do something for the girl.

  • Someone’s started a Digg/Redit/Stumled Upon for parents. It could be good for both bloggers and readers since you can find links to all the best posts by parents under one roof….assuming people actually submit and vote for posts. By the way, hit the box with the number of votes to vote for an item (hint hint).
  • Playing Shoots and Ladders driving you crazy?  Here’s some board game alternatives.
  • A life size whale. Don’t worry if you don’t have a big enough monitor, it will only show you part of it.  It’s rather relaxing if you watch it long enough.
  • Gardening may lift your mood due to good bacteria in the soil (hat tip Path to Freedom.