Tomorrow is my eldest 6th Birthday.  On her 5th Birthday we had just met her three days before, and were staying at The Hilton together.  I don’t think she even knew what a Birthday was.  Today she counts down the days til her Birthday, her Chuck E Chesse party with her friends, her presents, and her traditional Birthday cupcakes. 

I just want to say how amazing my princess is.  A year ago this week she met Brian and I at Horizon House in Ethiopia.  She had been there for three and a half months with Estifanos after being seperated from her first mom and Yordie.  In the last year I have watched her grow, and am so proud of the little girl she is becoming.  She has learned English, adjusted to living in a country far away from Ethiopia, made friends, is almost done with kindergarten, and has openly accepted and learned to love Brian and I as her parents.    

A year ago this week she left Horizon House for America with Estifanos.  She left behind everything she had known, her first family, and her baby sister.  She came with Estifanos and waited patiently until we could reunite her with Yordie.  She trusted us from the beginning.  Her love and acceptance of change has enabled Estifanos and Yordie to adapt to their new lives with ease.  She is the most awesome big sister and daughter I could have dreanmed of.    I can’t remember my life without her in it, and I am grateful every day that she was brought into my life. 

The other day I was shopping for shoes for myself, and she was helping me pick out the shoes. She picked out some pink shoes for me of course, and looked at the shoes I picked with a smirk.  I said, “What is wrong with these?”  She said, “They are too big looking I won’t let you wear those.”  She is a girly girl and she has a “tom boy” for a mother.  We are good for each other though, because we compliment each other. 

On her 6th Birthday tomorrow I wish my baby health, yummy Birthday cupcakes, hapiness, fun with her friends at Chuck E Cheese this weekend, and as always my love.