“Someone’s paying me to write articles.” The “interview” was basically a description of the job followed by him asking if I was interested. It’s part-time for now.


“I’m so glad I didn’t get those other blogging jobs.” I applied for a job writing for this blog, but apparently I don’t have enough kids (experience) since the woman that got the job has something like 30 adopted kids. I also applied to the hometurf blog network to start a blog about San Diego, but they were just starting a blog which eventually turned into this blog. If I had gotten either of the jobs, I wouldn’t have started my biotech investment blog which landed me the job.

The first person with a blog who names the publication where I’m now writing (big hint in the title) earns a pass in the eventual culling of my RSS feeds I’m going to have to do since I need to add a ton of investing ones, and I don’t have the time to read the ones I have right now.