It is love Thursday, so in honor of that I want to give a shout out to my husband.  This Saturday we are going out on a date in the afternoon. It is the first time we have gone out alone in a year except to look at cars or Christmas shopping.  I am glad to spend some time with my amazing husband.  Brian is a great husband, an awesome dad, a researcher who works a million hours a week, helps around the house,  has an extensive knowledge of adoption which he shares with others any chance he gets, is loyal to family and friends,  has extensive knowledge of investing and science which he is now turning into a new career, and writes this awesome blog.    Here are just five things he did this week that made my life  better as a working mom of three.

1.  He stayed home Tuesday afternoon to wait for telephone repair man, so I could work.

2.  He took down Yordie’s crib that she hasn’t been sleeping in, so the kids would have more room to play in their room.

3.  He volunteered to be an assistant soccer coach next year. 

4. He helped organize Meron and her entourage of 5 year olds at her Birthday Party, so all chaos did not break out.

 5.  He got a new job, so eventually we can move to a bigger house. He can spend more  time with our three kids.

Thanks honey for being you, and  thanks for sharing our adoption journey with others. I hope that through our experiences other kids can be welcomed into their forever family.