Having written 2 freelance articles already, I came up with 11 differences between writing a blog and writing for real media:

  1. Having an editor is great; they find all most of your mistakes and delete the sentences you probably should have deleted when your hypothesis changed during the construction of the article, but held on to for sentimental reasons.
  2. Editors suck; they change the meaning of your sentences and don’t give you the chance to correct them before publication.
  3. Deadlines suck; self-publishing gives you the chance to hold something back if it’s not ready for prime time.
  4. Companies are “it” not “they” and other formal stuff.
  5. You don’t have to worry about marketing your articles.  For that mater, you really don’t have to worry about traffic because they don’t tell you how many people are reading your articles.
  6. You’ve got to write out two and five but not 10.
  7. Your articles get picked up by Yahoo (No Pain…).  Wait a second, they get picked up by Yahoo if you’re a blog too (all three of those are mine).
  8. You use ems — because they’re more formal — to separate thoughts (not parentheses).
  9. One space after a sentence.  Actually it’s like that way on my blogs too, but that’s because WordPress fixes it for me.  So I guess the difference is there’s no WordPress to help you out.
  10. Proofreading.  I reread anything I write on my blog 3-5 times.  It’s more like 5-7 for my articles.
  11. The pay.  I’ve made more writing two articles than I have writing 24 articles on my blog.  “More” being a huge understatement.

Back to your regularly scheduled parenting blog at some point in the future when the kids do something funny/silly/smart/etc.  Although I can tell you that having a part time job is somewhat stressful while being a parent.  I can get most of the research/writing done while the kids are asleep, but that takes away from my time with Susan.  Hopefully it will go to full time in a month or so.  Otherwise, I think we’re going to have to use much of this extra money I’m making to pay for some fun family destress time (and perhaps a maid too).