My twenty-three month old just adds humor to my life.  Here are five funny things that happened to her this week, or that she said.

1.  She uses different names than I do for everything.  Button is band-aid. Cherrios are called cups.  She kept saying Coo Coo head this week. It turned out she was talking about her friend Cooper, who they call Coop.

2.  She got a homework assignment at preschool.  They read The Very Hungry Caterpillar this week.  We were suppose to write her size as a baby and now, and provide pictures of her as a baby and now.  This is ironic because not only is Yordie adopted, so the earliest pictures we have of her are from when she was 11 months old, but her and all her classmates are still all babies under 30 months old.  It was just funny.

3.  She also has been big into the silent tantrum.  It is not very effective, but sure beats her crying. She did it at Meron’t Birthday at Chuck E Cheese.  Some woman asked my mom if she was okay because she was lying on the floor pounding her fists.  My mom said, “No she is fine just a two year old quiet tantrum.  Isn’t it nice?”  Those kind work for me. 

4.  She convinced me to pour water in her bottle this week, and then she drank out of it like it was a cup.  Is she ever going to give up the bottle.?  She told me that she was a baby not a toddler this week because then she could get her bottle.  Boy is that girl sharp.

5. She has also enjoyed playing with a doll stroller, high chair, and swing that Meron got for her Birthday.  She kept trying to sit in the stroller though, and tried to get Estifanos to push her.  I told her, “No that is for the dolly.”  She responded, “That is for Daddy?”  She laughed, but looked puzzled. 

Yordie will be two at the end of this month, and everyday she makes me laugh. She makes my world brighter with her smile and laugh.