Transcript of a conversation I had with Estifanos (4) while walking the dogs on Saturday:

Dad: “I love you Estifanos.”
E: “I love you too Daddy.”


E: “Why do you say that everyday?”
D: (I must be doing something right) “Because I want you to know that I love having you as a son.”

E: “I don’t want to be a son any more” (…or not, then again he said a son, not your son)
D: “Why?”
E: “Because it’s hard”

D: “How is it hard?
E: “I don’t know, it just is”

D: “I know, how you feel, I’m a son too. Well what do you want to be?” (I’m sure he’s going to say a daughter, but I asked anyway)
E: “Just Estifanos”

All righty then.