It’s an all Parent Hacks week at the web round up (I found all of these there). I’m not sure how that happened, but at least I don’t have to hat tip them each time:

  • On line coloring book.  Won’t teach them how to color in the lines (it fills in one section at a time), but it’s good for learning how to use a mouse.
  • With a name like Happy to be Nappy, how can you not want to watch (you’ll need HBO or to go buy the DVD, available at Amazon).
  • Our kids are usually good about not complaining when we turn off the TV to limit the time in front of the tube, but this ticket idea is really good. It also might help in the “what we watch” negotiations, since the kid that picks the shows will have to pay.
  • Check out these cool lofted beds made from an Ikea bunk bed.  It would be nice if they had better directions or more pictures, but if you’re inclined to build it, you can probably figure out how to do it.
  • Push the shopping cart backwards. You’re kids will feel like they’re driving.

BTW, court went fine; pictures on Monday.