Talk about an anticlimactic finish to an otherwise roller coaster of a ride. Thanks to a new California law, it made it one of the cheapest ($25/kid) parts of the adoption process. For those of you who don’t know, re-adoption basically serves 3 purposes:

  1. Changes the kids names-since Ethiopia puts the father’s first name as the kids’ middle names when they’re adopted, the kids all had Brian as their middle name.
  2. Gets them a US birth certificate-Very useful if they need authentic copies of it for any reason.
  3. Makes them U.S. citizens-Well the older 2 at least. Since we saw Yordie prior to her adoption, she’s already a citizen. By the way, anyone know why that law (IR3 vs IR4) exists? People ask me and I have no idea.

They’re already our kids in every conceivable way, so it was mostly a formality more than anything else. As you can see it was a fairly laid back affair:

judge check out paperwork

The judge asked us if we understood it was forever. I’m not sure how you could have gotten to that point and not understood that, but whatever. Then I signed:

brian signing paperwork

Susan signed:

susan signing paperwork

Even Meron signed:


The kids got branded as being adopted:

Meron and Estifanos get branded Yordie gets branded

And then we got our picture taken with Cynthia:

us with the judge

All told, we were out of there in probably 10 minutes. Like I said, anticlimactic.