Yordie’s birthday isn’t until next week, but it appears she’s hit the terrible 2s a few days early.  It started last Saturday while driving back form the L.A.:

“No, Sleep!” “No, Cracker!” “No, Jacket!”

We hopped that it was just that she had a long day, but it appears that her favorite word has changed from Whatsthat? to No! With her learning a few new nouns everyday, she’s been able to expand the things she doesn’t want exponentially. We’ve tried reverse psychology by telling her no first, but I think she’s catching on.

There hasn’t been an Instruction Manual in a while, so I’ll open it up for your comments. What’s the best way to deal with the terrible 2s? (Besides adopt a 3 year old) Best suggestion gets this cool badge to hang anywhere there’s a computer monitor:

And live in infamy on the parenting instruction manual page.