This was the first Mother’s Day that my kids really understood what was going on.  It was fun.  I sat last Friday drinking tea with other mothers at Estifanos’s school, and watched him play with his friends. I talked to other mothers about whose kids, with fall birthdays would be starting kindergarten in the fall and who would be waiting a year like ourselves.   I thought boy my life has changed in the last year. 

I am so grateful to be Meron, Estifanos, and Yordie’s mom.  I don’t remember what I did with all my time before I had them.  On Sunday I opened my hand made presents from them.  I loved how they were made with so much love and care.  Meron wrote,”Thanks mom for taking care of me.  Love Meron.”  Those words made me cry. My daughter a year ago had been a grown up at four years old, taking care of her siblings.  Now she can be a six year old that is thankful for a mother who takes care of her.  She can be a kid like she is suppose to.   

I watched them as they enjoyed a petting zoo, pony rides, train ride, hay ride, and corn maze at a local farm.  I was thankful for being their mother. 

I was thankful as I sat with my own mother for all the love she has shown me.  I was thankful that my mother got to share a trip of a lifetime with me to Ethiopia in July to get Yordie.   She was able to see where my kids came from, and meet the people who cared for them.   I was grateful for Brian’s mother, and all the support and love she has shown us on this journey.    I was thankful for my sister as a mother who has always supported me, been a role model as a mother, and loved me.  

I was grateful to my kids’  first mom for loving them with all her heart.  She has trusted us to love and raise her three amazing kiddos.   I always talk to Meron about how that is a love of a lifetime to care so much for your children that you let them go, so they can have a better life.

 I also thought about the future.   I thought about child who may just be being born in Ethiopia who we will parent in a couple of years.  I thought about how bringing that child home will be the end to this part of the journey of creating our family, but just the beginning of our life journey.   I thought about how as my kids grow my role as their mother will change, but they will always need their mother.  So thank you to all mothers and future mothers for the love they show their kids.