I read all week; I share with you; you read what sound good. Easy enough, lets get started:

  • Remember last week’s tickets for TV watching time? Someone’s made available a set for you to print out.  Available in a variety of colors and for 30 or 60 minute blocks. I’m not sure yet if we’ll use them; the kids are really good about not complaining when I tell them to go play after they’ve been in front of the TV for too long.
  • The Baby Name Wizard lets you see names usage over time.  Brian peaked in the 1970s at 8th most popular, but has been in decline ever since. Surprisingly, Meron, Estifanos, and Yordanos didn’t make the top 1000 in any decade (for the US). 🙂
  • William’s son gives a restroom play by play.
  • CrazyD inspires you to do more with less.

Only 4 this week. I had a research intensive commentary to write for The Fool, so I’ve been flying through the feed reader…skimming if I’m lucky, so if I missed a good post of yours, that’s probably the reason.