I got an email from one of my closet friends last night who told me about an acquaintance who was having a horrible adoption experience in some country and was thinking of changing countries to Ethiopia.  She asked me about our agency, and for other advice.  My first response was well they can email us with other questions. 

I then suddenly realized how adoption has changed my life.  I am an “adoptive parent.”  That is one of my main roles in my life. 

For the last 10+ years I have felt passionate about the homeless situation in America, and the mentally ill population in America.  I realize that they need help, and if I were in that position I would want someone to treat me with the dignity and respect all people deserve.    That passion led me to go back to school, and get a master’s degree in social work, although you do not get paid a great deal as a social worker.    That passion allowed me to go work in inner city Chicago for 5 years with people who are chronically homeless and have a mental illness.  It was one of hardest jobs of my life, but as I saw the worst in America I also saw the best in the people who live in these circumstances.  That passion leads me everyday to leave my kids for9 hours a day to go outreach to people who are homeless and have mental illness on the streets of southern California. I teach my kids about what I do, and how important it is to help others.

Last night I realized that I now have two extreme passions.  Adoption is also a passion for me.  I want to help other people in this process.  I want others to realize that although, this may not have been their initial life plan adoption is an amazing journey.  Kids need families. 

I look forward to adopting one last time in the future,  and I also look forward to following my new passion as an advocate for adoption in the future.  It changed my life,and I hope to spread the word.