June 2007

The only thing more embarrassing than having your two year old yell during the middle of mass, “I just farted!” is the woman two rows back not hearing her and offering you a diaper after the resulting gas reaches her pew.


More frequent updates and/or spewing of my view of the world coming in mid-July when I’ll only have one job.


Meron’s new favorite phrase is, “It’s almost.”  On Tuesday she states that it is almost the weekend.  I have to remind her that we have not even finished half of the week yet.  So this means we are almost done with kindergarten.   We are  counting down, 7 days left of school including today until Meron is officially a first grader.

I am so proud of all my kids.  Meron has adjusted so well to school and life in America.  Last year she was just starting preschool and spoke limited English.  She now reads, writes, and is on par with her class.  She also has gotten several awards at school for hard work, reading, running, etc.

Estifanos has learned to spell half his extremely long name.  He also counts, and is excited to start his last year of preschool in the fall.  He love s life and his family and friends.

Yordie also changes everyday, runs everywhere,  uses the pooty on occassion, and her favorite statement right now is, “On my own.”  She always wants to do everything on her own these days.  She is growing up before my eyes. 

This summer will be filled with activities.  Last summer we were homebodies because we had just returned home form Ethiopia, and I had to go back and get Yordie in August.  We did swim, go to the beach, Sea World, The Zoo, and gymnastics classes, so I guess we were not complete homebodies.

This summer we have gymnastics, ballet, swimming lessons, time at the beach to relax, camping, Legoland, a Disneyland, soccer in late summer, and a cruise in early fall.  Our kids want to soak up all the activities they can.  I think they are trying to make up for lost time. 

We are also either remodeling or selling our house.  We need a second bathroom.  Brian will also start a new job where he will work from home in mid July. That will be nice.   We are all excited to spend time together as family this summer and enjoy each other. 

I just hope Meron doesn’t start saying in July, “It is almost Christmas.”

Susan told you a little bit about our trip to Mexico, but she didn’t really go into detail about the best part: the kids are finally contributing members of the family.


While the dancers changed outfits between dances, they brought the kids up for some games and our kids kicked butt. Yordie followed her older siblings up onto the stage and totally rocked in the first game they played. She was able to dominate over an eight year old that was twice her size.  What game were they playing? Limbo of course, no back bending even needed for the 2 foot nothing little sprout. For their efforts, all the kids won a coupon for free ice cream, which they redeemed immediately. Later in the evening Estifanos dominated a game of musical chairs earning himself an additional coupon.


The next day they won us a ton of candies by busting open a piñata. The events coordinator must have appreciated that they were taking part in all the activities because when he saw them in the pool later he randomly handed each kid another coupon. With four coupons in our possession, I finally had a look at them and noticed that they were good for something other ice cream.  You could also redeem them for a soda or a MARGARITA.


Guess what Mom and Dad had with dinner? Yep, they’re finally earning their keep.


Don’t worry; we bought them a soda.

I got tagged by Julie so here are seven random things about myself.

1.  I am totally a novice on the computer.   This lack of computer skill is why I didn’t just put Julie’s web page by her name. I grew up in a house where we had a word processor until I went to college.  I actually had a Commador 64 too.  Then I went to college, and my parents still bought me a word processor.  They said that in their day all they had was a type writer, so look how lucky I was.  My first computer was a handy down from my boyfriend at the time, Brian. I guess he gave me a hand me down computer, and I gave him a wife.

2.  I was the Pepsi Hotshot Basketball Champion of my elementary school in 6th grade.  I went on to compete at the county level.  It is kind of funny because I am only 5’5 now.  I used to play basketball with all the boys in the neighborhood when I was growing up.  I was and still am such a tomboy.

3.  I had over 100 imaginary friends when I was little about 3.  I even had names for them all.  My dad used to write down all the names, and he read them off at my wedding during his toast. 

4.  Speaking of my dad, when I was 4 I would get up at 4:30 every morning with my dad. We would read the paper together about President Jimmy Carter and the Iran hostages.  I would then shave with him, and do morning exercises.  I even had my own play shaving kit.  I was and am a daddy’s girl, and so are my girls.

5.  I was voted most Unforgettable in my high school class and most changed at my reunion.  I think it is my hair style changes, or that my friends nick named me Mad Dog.  I think I got this nick name because I was quiet as a freshman and then became outgoing and hyper by senior year of high school.

6. My sister and I used to write a monthly newsletter about the events going on in the house when we were kids.  I was a cub reporter.  I think this is because she is 5 1/2 years older than I am that she was editor in chief.

7.  Brian and I met building houses in Mexico in college.  I was dating someone else at the time.  I came home and told my mom, “If I weren’t in a relationship I met this guy that I would date.”  After 11 years as friends/partners , 7 years of marriage, 3 kids, two dogs, two cats, and many fish we are still going strong.  I guess I was right I could date him.

I am going to ponder who to tag next.  Any suggestions?

As many of you have noticed Brian has not been writing as much lately.  There are a couple of reasons for this phenomenon.   First off he is currently working as a post doc 50 hours a week,  writing part time, and raising three kids with me.  Then last week in a most unfortunate incident his lap top died,  and is at the computer hospital for the next two weeks.   Things in mid July will calm down when he begins his new job.  He will only have one job, and he will work from home.  He misses posting here and all of you.  He will try to post ASAP.   

 Here are 5  things that happened to us this weekend.

1.  We went to a Flag Day parade on Saturday and Meron asked, “Is the flag important?”

2.  We helped our friend move on Sunday, and Estifanos kept asking if we could buy a UHaul to live in.  He thought it was so cool almost as cool as the elevator at our friend’s apartment complex.

3.  Yordie wants to use the toilet now, and wants to go everywhere and anywhere.  I guess I will learn where our bathrooms are  in our grocery stores pretty soon.  We keep reminding her she still wears a diaper.

4.  We went to a potluck with other Southern California families who have adopted from Ethiopia.  We always have fun getting together, and my kids loved swimming in their pool.

5.  The kids new favorite is Subway because we visited  their grand opening  on Saturday, and they had a jumper and a face painting clown.  We had to explain that this was just a special day, but they kept asking if we could come back tommorrow.   I guess we should be happy they like sandwiches.