As many of you have noticed Brian has not been writing as much lately.  There are a couple of reasons for this phenomenon.   First off he is currently working as a post doc 50 hours a week,  writing part time, and raising three kids with me.  Then last week in a most unfortunate incident his lap top died,  and is at the computer hospital for the next two weeks.   Things in mid July will calm down when he begins his new job.  He will only have one job, and he will work from home.  He misses posting here and all of you.  He will try to post ASAP.   

 Here are 5  things that happened to us this weekend.

1.  We went to a Flag Day parade on Saturday and Meron asked, “Is the flag important?”

2.  We helped our friend move on Sunday, and Estifanos kept asking if we could buy a UHaul to live in.  He thought it was so cool almost as cool as the elevator at our friend’s apartment complex.

3.  Yordie wants to use the toilet now, and wants to go everywhere and anywhere.  I guess I will learn where our bathrooms are  in our grocery stores pretty soon.  We keep reminding her she still wears a diaper.

4.  We went to a potluck with other Southern California families who have adopted from Ethiopia.  We always have fun getting together, and my kids loved swimming in their pool.

5.  The kids new favorite is Subway because we visited  their grand opening  on Saturday, and they had a jumper and a face painting clown.  We had to explain that this was just a special day, but they kept asking if we could come back tommorrow.   I guess we should be happy they like sandwiches.