Susan told you a little bit about our trip to Mexico, but she didn’t really go into detail about the best part: the kids are finally contributing members of the family.


While the dancers changed outfits between dances, they brought the kids up for some games and our kids kicked butt. Yordie followed her older siblings up onto the stage and totally rocked in the first game they played. She was able to dominate over an eight year old that was twice her size.  What game were they playing? Limbo of course, no back bending even needed for the 2 foot nothing little sprout. For their efforts, all the kids won a coupon for free ice cream, which they redeemed immediately. Later in the evening Estifanos dominated a game of musical chairs earning himself an additional coupon.


The next day they won us a ton of candies by busting open a piñata. The events coordinator must have appreciated that they were taking part in all the activities because when he saw them in the pool later he randomly handed each kid another coupon. With four coupons in our possession, I finally had a look at them and noticed that they were good for something other ice cream.  You could also redeem them for a soda or a MARGARITA.


Guess what Mom and Dad had with dinner? Yep, they’re finally earning their keep.


Don’t worry; we bought them a soda.