Meron’s new favorite phrase is, “It’s almost.”  On Tuesday she states that it is almost the weekend.  I have to remind her that we have not even finished half of the week yet.  So this means we are almost done with kindergarten.   We are  counting down, 7 days left of school including today until Meron is officially a first grader.

I am so proud of all my kids.  Meron has adjusted so well to school and life in America.  Last year she was just starting preschool and spoke limited English.  She now reads, writes, and is on par with her class.  She also has gotten several awards at school for hard work, reading, running, etc.

Estifanos has learned to spell half his extremely long name.  He also counts, and is excited to start his last year of preschool in the fall.  He love s life and his family and friends.

Yordie also changes everyday, runs everywhere,  uses the pooty on occassion, and her favorite statement right now is, “On my own.”  She always wants to do everything on her own these days.  She is growing up before my eyes. 

This summer will be filled with activities.  Last summer we were homebodies because we had just returned home form Ethiopia, and I had to go back and get Yordie in August.  We did swim, go to the beach, Sea World, The Zoo, and gymnastics classes, so I guess we were not complete homebodies.

This summer we have gymnastics, ballet, swimming lessons, time at the beach to relax, camping, Legoland, a Disneyland, soccer in late summer, and a cruise in early fall.  Our kids want to soak up all the activities they can.  I think they are trying to make up for lost time. 

We are also either remodeling or selling our house.  We need a second bathroom.  Brian will also start a new job where he will work from home in mid July. That will be nice.   We are all excited to spend time together as family this summer and enjoy each other. 

I just hope Meron doesn’t start saying in July, “It is almost Christmas.”