Here are 10 things going on in our lives this summer so far.

10.  Brian is currently working three jobs for a week then back to two.

9.  Susan is looking for a new job as a social worker in either the field of homelessness, mental health, or adoption since her company lost there contract.

8.  It has been about 90 degrees here in San Diego for the last week.  We sent all the kids paperwork away to get them passports, so we can’t even flee to our favorite Mexico for some R and R.

7.  We had a fun filled trip to Disneyland.  We saw many princesses.  We went on some fun rides and some that were a little scary. 

6.  Yordie has hit two like a fast moving storm.  She thinks she is a WWF wrestler, but she is still the best at giving kisses. 

5.  Meron won awars for achievement, perfect attendance, and most miles run in kindergarten this year.  She ran 108 miles.  Go Meron.

4.  Estifanos has excelled at gymnastics, and will be moving up to a new class soon with kids5 0r 6-11.  He is only 4.

3.   Yordie is obsessed with looking at pictures.  She looks at Susan’s new badge for work and repeats over and over again, “Yadie’s mommy.”  She hasn’t quite gotten the or part yet.

2.  We are working on remodeling our house.  Boy will that be an adventure.

1.  We are going on our first camping trip tommorrow.  Two parents, three kids, two big dogs, and a mini van.  Good thing we are only going twenty minutes away. 

Hope everyone’s summer is a blast.