I dropped the kids off at preschool this moring, and I pointed out a little boy in Yordie’s class to her who was arriving at the same time.  She responded, “He’s my favorite,” and went chasing after him.  She is 2, and no longer a baby.  She is a little person with her own personality.  How fast they grow up.

I know it has been too long since we posted, but we are still here.  It has been an eventful summer.  I can’t believe Meron goes back to school in the middle of next week.  First grade here she comes.  As we buy our new lunch boxes and backpacks for the year ahead I think of the last couple of months and the year ahead.  We had a great summer with gymnastics class, ballet, swimming at my parents’ pool, a visit from Brian’s folks, a trip to Disneyland, trips to Sea World, Wild Animal Park,  the beach, the aquarium, Legoland, the park, and many other fun filled places.  We were always on the go.

We ate at an Ethiopian restaurant a couple of weeks ago.  The kids loved the food, but Meron was a little overwhelmed when the owner talked to her in Amharic, and she couldn’t remember any of the language.  It was sad to watch that loss, but it is so exciting to see how well she is doing in school here after only being here a year and a half. 

Brian and I both are starting new jobs, which we are excited about and will enable us to spend more time with the kids.  We will be starting soccer soon.  Brian is coaching Meron’s team, and Estifanos is playing.  Estifanos will also be starting a gymnastics class with kids older than him because he is doing so good.  We also have church activities starting up again

We will be going on a cruise in October when Meron is off from school.  The kids are excited for their first real vacation on the “big boat.” 

 We are also going to be remodeling our whole house, so we have more room.  Boy will that be crazy. 

We are excited for my sister’s new baby who will be born in the winter.  We are also excited to add a little boy to our own family in 2008.  We will be starting the process for our final adoption of a toddler boy after our house is complete hopefully in winter/spring 2008. 

We also are excited for first grade and for Estifanos’s last year of preschool.  We will post more soon.   Welcome to the end of summer.