It has been crazy here.     As we watch the Padres play in the pre playoff game this evening I think back on the last couple of months.

Meron started 1st grade in August.  She is in a 1st second combined class and doing great.  She loves it.  She is playing soccer and growing into herself more and more everyday.  She is starting to ask the tough questions now.    Over the dinner table she asked,  “Do Moms and Dads make babies or does God? ” Then when we explained that babies eat out of the belly button she thought that was just plain gross. 

Estifanos is in pre K and learning more and more everyday.  He is ready to start school next fall.  He is getting more independent, and learning to write and identify letters.  Poor kids name is so long.  Too bad he doesn’t have a name like Joe.  He is also playing soccer and doing gymnastics.  He loves both.  He is so imaginative these days.  He always builds forts all over the house that I trip over when I come in from work.   When my parents recently went away he told them on the phone the night before they left.  “While you are gone I am going to go get a bunch of puppies and put them all in your house.”   He laughed and laughed about how funny this was.   He is out of toddlerhood and becoming a little boy.  It is amazing to watch.

Yordie is learning to use the toilet.  She is talking up a storm.  She loves Diego.  She can watch the same show 100 times in a day.  She will be asleep, and before her eyes open she is calling out to watch Diego.  She can’t tell me why Diego is better than Dora.  She just says, “He’s better because he’s better.”

Brian is now writing and editing for Motley Fool and coaching two soccer teams.  It has been fun to coach.  The kids call him Coach Daddy, and they love the whistle.

I continue at my new job working 32 hours a week is great. 

We start major construction on our house.  Meron loves Extreme Home Makover, so she thinks it will be like that. I don’t think it will be that quick.   I am just hoping it is not like the OC.  Yep that is my guilty pleasure.  So we will be living in a studio sized apartment at one end of our house for the next five months.  We will have plywood around our bathroom.  5 months of chaos, but it will be nice when it is done.  The kids keep saying it will be like camping.

After we finish up we can start the adoption process again for our little boy.  The kids talk about their little baby brother from Ethiopia and all they will teach him.  Like important stuff like who Diego, Dora, Cailou, Scooby Doo, and the cast of  Musical are.  Well sorry we haven’t posted in awhile.  We will try.