Well it has been awhile, but we are still here.  We are just crazy busy with our almost 7 year old, 5 year old, and almost 3year old.  Life is full of soccer and baseball practices, gymnastics classes, school functions/homework, and church activities.  We have started the adoption adventure again, and we are so excited.  We also question whether we  just like to beat ourselves up because this process is always draining.  So far my fingerprints kept failing at the livescan location, and Yordie whose pediatrician didn’t want to give her a TB test due to her age needs more documentation as to why a two year old doesn’t have a communicable disease.  I just keep looking in Estifanos’s room at night at the empty bed with new sports quilt we recently purchased when we remodeled.  I imagine this time next year our son being home, and our family finally being complete.  I dream about what he will look like, what part of Ethiopia he will be from, and what he will be like.  I know he is out there somewhere awaiting us as much as we await his arrival.  Estifanos keeps thinking he will be the size of a bread box, and I have to remind him he could be up to two years old.  At night as he lays in his bed he asks me, “When will little brother come home?”  I explain that we have to do a lot of paperwork, then we need to wait a long time,  then we will find out who he is, and then Mommy and Daddy will travel to get him and bring him home.  He quietly tells me, “I will take care of him, and bring him to my baseball games next year.”  I quietly think of the joy it will bring me to have our family complete, and chase after him at the baseball field.  I look forward to this journey as I did the last, but this time I actually feel like I have some idea of what I am doing.  Hopefully!