I find these are the most common questions we are asked with three young children.   Are you sure you want a fourth?  Are you sure you are ready?  Don’t you have your hands full already?  Well the answer to all  questions is yes.  Yes we want a fourth child, and we want him to be close enough in age to our oldest that they can play growing up.  We are as ready as we can be.  I think children always add an uncertainty and a new adventure to life, but we think we are ready.  We also do have our hands full already.  We both work, and raise three kids, but we know we have the love and resources to care for one more child.  We started the adoption process four years ago to adopt an infant from Panama.  Four years later and two trips to Ethiopia we have 3 kids from Ethiopia ranging in age from 2-6.  After our travels there we realize how much our family truly has to offer to another child, and we are ready.  Ready Set Go!