Yesterday on Valentine’s Day people kept talking about what they would be doing or receiving.  I hadn’t really thought about it too much.  Between getting the kids cards ready for school, baseball season in full swing, and our construction ending on our house I hadn’t thought much about the day. 

 I remembered back to our first Valentine’s Day 11 years ago when we were still in college and had no money.  Brian bought pizza and wine, and we had a picnic overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge.  It was amazing, and that was just a glimpse of how amazing our life journey would be together.

When I got home last night, Brian was our at Costco with our oldest.  On the sink there was an large folder with a crayon drawn picture of the six of us that read “To My Babies’ Mommy.”  In the folder he had completed our I-600 A and gotten all needed documents to be mailed in.  We had been waiting to finish our house before we were fully able to dive into our adoption, but now I knew it had begun.  I was almost in tears.  I have dreamed about bringing our last baby home for months, but with construction and other life issues it had just been that a dream.  Now it is a reality.  My husband the scientist amazes me yet again on this Valentine’s Day as he did 11 years ago with that picnic.