A common question we get when we say we are adopting again is whether the baby is going to be related to our other three kids.  When we say well he will be when he is adopted people then ask another question.  They ask whether it will be weird that he is not their blood sibling.  I always find this interesting. 

My kids are extremely excited for the adoption of “baby brother,” and it never is discussed that he is different than them.  They know that he will have a different first mommy and daddy then they did in Ethiopia, and he may speak a different dialect then they did, and come from a differnet part of the country, but besides that they just think that he will be their baby brother. 

As the kids grow into adulthood I assume we will have more questions about this, but it will also give our family a chance to learn about different walks of life in Ethiopia.  As I prepare for the weeks ahead meeting with social worker, completing my dossier, and other needed documentation I just keep remembering the love at the end of the road. 

It is weird because as I mailed off my I-600 and money to get our homestudy done last Friday I had the same anxious feeling I had three years ago.  I am excited for the future ahead, and to meet our new son.