Yesterday we told the kids that since we had the day off we were going to go get our birth certificates and marriage license for the adoption.  We also discussed with them how Mommy and Yordie needed to go to the doctor this week to get our medical forms filled out.  We are the last of the bunch, and that our social worker would be visiting us again this week.  Estifanos said, “Mommy is little brother coming today?”  I reminded him that it would be when he is in kindergarten, and that we needed to wait and be patient.  My son as always said, “It is alot of papers to fill out.  It is hard to wait.”  Just as it is hard to be 5 for him waiting is really hard.  It is hard on all of us.  As we decorated Easter eggs yesterday, I thought of what life would be like a year from now.  I hoped that we will have the fab 6 together with our littlest toddler boy enjoying his first Easter with us, but for now we must wait for that day.