June 2008

Another adoption has turned our world upside down, and changed the plans that we thought were certain.  We were in the process of finishing up our homestudy, dossier, and other paperwork to adopt a toddler boy from Ethiopia to complete our family. 

About a week ago we got a weekly update on all the waiting children who need homes.  We thought look at all these children, and in an instance what we thought we knew changed.    There were at least two children in between Yordie and Estifanos’s age that were waiting.  We are now seriously considering and talked to our agency about taking an older child about 4.  This does run into difficulties with birth order, but Yordie is our baby and to keep that role in the family would be great for her.  That would put the two boys in the middle, which Estifanos would most likely enjoy more in the long run. 

We are now scurrying to finish paperwork, get CIS approval, and talk to our agency about our options.  It was funny because the other day one of our adoption workers asked about how something made us feel.  I thought in the last 3 years I have had an adoption fall through, changed countries, adopted two older siblings, dealt with grief issues with a five year old who didn’t speak English, dealt with a heart condition with a three year old, found out about another sibling, adopted her, traveled twice to Ethiopia, and raised three amazing kids.  So now we are flexible and ready for another adoption adventure.


I think about the fathers in my life on this weekend we celebrate them.  Last night I enjoyed eating Ethiopian food with my own father, my children, and my husband.  I thought of how both of these men have showed me what it truly means to be a father and a man.  I also thought about other fathers who were not with us.  Brian’s dad who adds so much humor to our lives.  Our brother-in law a newish dad, but whose energy with his two young boys amazes Brian and I.  I also thought about my kids first father who is always in our thoughts and prayers.

My dad otherwise known as Papa is my best buddy.    When I was little I would wake up at 5 a.m. with my dad , do exercises, read about President Jimmy Carter in the paper, and shave with him.  I had my own shaving kit.  He has and always will be my pal.  He and my Mom have been married 46 years, and has taught me so much about married life and family life.  He was a Vietnam vet who always reminds me of what real sacrifice and hardships is.    He worked two jobs when I was growing up, but still found time to coach all our sports teams, be everywhere, and showed and continues to show my sister and I unconditional love.  He is one of those people that all our friends and everyone who knows him says, “Wow your dad is great.”  People who know him when they first meet my sister and I say, “”You guys are his world.”  He really is amazing.  I watch him and my son, and it amazes me.  My five year old son from Ethiopia is my dad’s little buddy just as I was a child.  They play soccer, baseball, do yard work, and talk about life.  Estifanos is so proud of his Papajust as my daughters are.

My husband is the other father in my life.  What do I say about Brian.  Just today he went out after being busy all day, and sent our registartion paperwork  to Wide Horizon for our adoption.  He amazes me.  His love for our kids is awesome.  My friends always say Brian is everywhere whether it is on the baseball field, soccer field, braiding my girls’ hair,  planning birthday parties, helping with homework, or helping around the house.    He also is smart, funny, and works so hard to provide a great life for us all.  He devotes his whole life to our three soon to be four kids, and is their hero.  I watch him with them, and he amazes me.  I am so grateful for the 8 years we have been married, and on his third father’s day I just want to say.  Wow I couldn’t do this without you my best fiend.

So here’s to the men in my life, and hopefully by next year Brian and I will have one more kiddo to enjoy this blessed day with.