Another adoption has turned our world upside down, and changed the plans that we thought were certain.  We were in the process of finishing up our homestudy, dossier, and other paperwork to adopt a toddler boy from Ethiopia to complete our family. 

About a week ago we got a weekly update on all the waiting children who need homes.  We thought look at all these children, and in an instance what we thought we knew changed.    There were at least two children in between Yordie and Estifanos’s age that were waiting.  We are now seriously considering and talked to our agency about taking an older child about 4.  This does run into difficulties with birth order, but Yordie is our baby and to keep that role in the family would be great for her.  That would put the two boys in the middle, which Estifanos would most likely enjoy more in the long run. 

We are now scurrying to finish paperwork, get CIS approval, and talk to our agency about our options.  It was funny because the other day one of our adoption workers asked about how something made us feel.  I thought in the last 3 years I have had an adoption fall through, changed countries, adopted two older siblings, dealt with grief issues with a five year old who didn’t speak English, dealt with a heart condition with a three year old, found out about another sibling, adopted her, traveled twice to Ethiopia, and raised three amazing kids.  So now we are flexible and ready for another adoption adventure.