July 2008

We are so excited!  We were matched today with our son. Kayeso just turned four years old.  We have been working on getting matched for a couple of weeks, but he needed paperwork, and we did also.  Tonight we told our kids, and showed them pictures of him, and it all became real.  Our family is complete.

I think the thing Brian and I have learned from this experience is the importance of people considering adopting a waiting child.  It amazes us that people wait close to a year for a two year old when you could adopt a waiting child who is just slightly older.  Estifanos who came home at 3 1/2 does not remembers very little about Ethiopia, and blends his few memories of his first mom with me.  All children need homes, and they are all just babies. 

I had planned on adopting a two year old, but I am so excited to have my beautiful son.  Life isn’t always what we plan.  I hadn’t planned on Yordie, I hadn’t planned on adopting siblings, and I hadn’t initially planned on Ethiopia, but I guess life can’t be about plans.  Three years ago I was a married woman with no kids who wanted a family, and thought maybe someday I will be blessed with one or two.    Now I am blessed with four amazing kids ranging in age from 3-7.  Some say we are crazy.   

I feel blessed to be Kayeso’s mom.  As I go to bed tonight I know who my son is, and I am so excited to meet him, hold him, play with him, bring him home, and start our life together.  I hope he knows tonight that he has a mom, dad, 2 sisters, a brother, and so many other people who already love him.


This has been my last week in the world of adoption

Monday:  We get approved by our agency to take a waiting child, and adopt out of birth order.    We email the worker in charge of waiting children.  I pick up our homestudy at our local agency that was finished earlier that day.

Tuesday:  We attempt to live, work, and of course wait since waiting children worker is on vacation.  I mail our homestudy and last of paperwork to agency.  Brian attempts to go to get CIS approval, but their computers are down.  They promise to process it when computers are running again.

Wednesday:  We wait, and attempt to live normally.  Estifanos goes to cardiologist for annual checkup, which is always stressful.  They tell us that for another year he is doing well, and does not need surgery because he has no symptoms.

Thursday:  We get a call from waiting child worker who has been on vacaction.  She tells us process in which we can get information on one child at time.  How do we pick?  They are all amazing kids, and are all in our age range.  We decide on three, and ask some questions to narrow it down to one.  The one we get information on is amazing, and he is in our hearts already.  We find out he needs one more piece of paperwork, and we need our CIS approval.

Friday:  Wait.  Our agency notifies us they have everything, but our CIS approval.  That litlle boy is in  our hearts, our thoughts, and our minds.

Saturday:  As I write this I have his picture in my head.  I hope it works out.  I want to tell the kids soon, so I hope it all comes together this week.  I look at his picture, and I think of all the blessings I have and that he hopefully will complete our family.  I want to be his mom.

We found out today that we were approved to adopt a waiting child, and adopt out of birth order.  This is so exciting.  I was talking to one of the staff I supervise when all of a sudden my phone rings.  I see our social worker, and think hey hope this is good news.  I scurry her out of my office to talk to my social worker. 

Our worker tells me that they have waived the policy for us, and we can adopt a four year old boy inbetween Estifanos and Yordie.  This means we should have a referral in the near future.  Our homestudy was done today, our dossier has been accepted, and Brian will get CIS appoval tommorrow. 

I am so excited to be an expectant mom one last time.  I am excited to travelagain to bring home my son.  I am excited for Estifanos to have a brother close to his age to hang with and grow with.  I am  excited to complete our family, and meet the son I have dreamed about.  It is not exactly what I initially expected, but nothing in the adoption world is.

Our dossier was approved today!!  Yipee we are on stepcloser to our adoption.  We should have our homestudy and CIS approval by next week.  It is hard to believe that we are on this journey again, and after months of planning it is coming together.  We hope to have a referral in a short while, since we are open to a slighlty older child.   I think adoption is always like a roller coaster.  It is fun, exciting, scary, anxiety ridden, and so much more.   I also feel like with each milestone you are slightly closer to the goal of finally completing our family.

My kids love the Fourth of July.   We spent the weekend at the beach, pool, eating, and watching fireworks.  It was great to be outside as a family with friends.   Meron enjoyed learning to dive, Estifanos enjoyed swimming, and Yordie enjoyed eating all the great food over the holiday weekend.  Here is to another great summer.