We found out today that we were approved to adopt a waiting child, and adopt out of birth order.  This is so exciting.  I was talking to one of the staff I supervise when all of a sudden my phone rings.  I see our social worker, and think hey hope this is good news.  I scurry her out of my office to talk to my social worker. 

Our worker tells me that they have waived the policy for us, and we can adopt a four year old boy inbetween Estifanos and Yordie.  This means we should have a referral in the near future.  Our homestudy was done today, our dossier has been accepted, and Brian will get CIS appoval tommorrow. 

I am so excited to be an expectant mom one last time.  I am excited to travelagain to bring home my son.  I am excited for Estifanos to have a brother close to his age to hang with and grow with.  I am  excited to complete our family, and meet the son I have dreamed about.  It is not exactly what I initially expected, but nothing in the adoption world is.