We are so excited!  We were matched today with our son. Kayeso just turned four years old.  We have been working on getting matched for a couple of weeks, but he needed paperwork, and we did also.  Tonight we told our kids, and showed them pictures of him, and it all became real.  Our family is complete.

I think the thing Brian and I have learned from this experience is the importance of people considering adopting a waiting child.  It amazes us that people wait close to a year for a two year old when you could adopt a waiting child who is just slightly older.  Estifanos who came home at 3 1/2 does not remembers very little about Ethiopia, and blends his few memories of his first mom with me.  All children need homes, and they are all just babies. 

I had planned on adopting a two year old, but I am so excited to have my beautiful son.  Life isn’t always what we plan.  I hadn’t planned on Yordie, I hadn’t planned on adopting siblings, and I hadn’t initially planned on Ethiopia, but I guess life can’t be about plans.  Three years ago I was a married woman with no kids who wanted a family, and thought maybe someday I will be blessed with one or two.    Now I am blessed with four amazing kids ranging in age from 3-7.  Some say we are crazy.   

I feel blessed to be Kayeso’s mom.  As I go to bed tonight I know who my son is, and I am so excited to meet him, hold him, play with him, bring him home, and start our life together.  I hope he knows tonight that he has a mom, dad, 2 sisters, a brother, and so many other people who already love him.