December 2008

We got home last night with our beautiful new son Kayeso. It has been an amazing journey to Ethiopia. We got to spend a week learning about him and his culture. We were able to travel south to Arbegona and meet with his birth family. That was a trip of a lifetime. We also traveled with several other amazing families who shared this journey with us. We are so grateful to have our family be complete.


I feel like we are running a marathon.  We are leaving in 5 days to go get Kayeso.  We both go through the range of emotions on a daily basis.  We are excited, then anxious, constantly stressed, scared, hopeful, and excited again. 

We are getting on a plane Thursday night after we have both worked up until hours before we leave.  We have had to get everything ready for the kids for Christmas.  They will miss us while we are away, but excited to spend the holidays with their grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.  They also opened their Wii from us last night which made everything okay of course.

As we embark on this last adoption I am excited for the future.  Although I know it will be tiring to have 4 kids that range in age from 3-7 I know our family will be amazing.  I am so excited to meet my new son, and hold him for the first time.  What more could I have asked for for Christmas this year.


We are proud to announce that we made it through court, and Kayeso is coming home.  We are traveling to Ethiopis on 12/18 to get our new son.  The wait is finally over.  WOO HOO!!  Although  Santa will have to visit our other three kiddos at my parents house we are all so eexcited for this amazing Christmas miracle.  We welcome Kayeso to our family.  We are fianlly complete.