Inspired by Blaine and Julie (picture was actually on our agency yahoo group which I can’t link to…well I could, but you’d all have to join the group to see it), and perhaps someone else that I’m forgetting, I decided to try piggyback ponytails on Yordie.

Slightly out of focus, but you get the picture (oh, man that’s a pun in so many different ways):

Yodie in piggy back braids

A little better although she’s not actually looking at the camera:


Have you ever tried to take a picture of the top of an 22 month olds head?  They naturally look up at the camera.  This is the best I can do for a close up (the bottom crop isn’t mine, it’s the edge of the picture):

top of yordies piggyback ponytails

I think you get the idea.  You can do it with much shorter hair than you could with piggyback braids; it might be a good style for an older child with short hair (due to the orphanage shave).  You have to use a lot of rubber bands in the hair, so I do worry that it’s damaging her hair.  But it looks really good.


The thing I like most about doing the girls hair is how the learning curve is so steep. Your first attempt at a new style is usually so poor that you can’t even take them out in public, by the 3rd or 4th attempt you’re usually at tolerable state, and by the 6th or 7th, you’re usually pretty proud of your work. I don’t know, maybe it’s all my superfluous schooling, but I really like something that you can master in such a short time.

Here’s my first attempt at flat twists:

right side flat twists hairfront flat twists hairleft side flat twists hair

You can actually see the learning curve with the different twists. Can you figure out which was my first one and which was my last? The answer and a few tips under the fold.

We reached 3 hair milestones this week:

Meron’s hair is finally long enough to put in piggy back braids on the top. You braid the first box, and then use that strand as one of the 3 strands for the next box braid. We had tried it previously, but she pulled the 1st braid out of the second set. Next time I think I’ll make the boxes after the 1st one smaller since the braids start to get thick with all the hair from the earlier braids.

piggy back braids frontpiggy back braids back

Estifanos is trying to grow out his hair so he can have cornrows. This picture doesn’t really do his afro justice which is getting long enough to need daily picking. I was thinking that the daily torture session combing would be enough to get him to demand that his hair be cut at once, but he’s sticking with it so far.

long afro hair

And Yordie’s hair is long enough to get the top into just 2 puffs. You don’t know how happy this makes me since doing parts and wrangling 6 or 8 puffs into rubber bands while the head constantly moved was starting to get to me. Of course, I’ll have to redo it more often since larger braids and puffs seem to frizz much faster, so it’s not much of a time saver in the end.

yordie drinking a bottle with big puffs