Instruction Manual

Yordie’s birthday isn’t until next week, but it appears she’s hit the terrible 2s a few days early.  It started last Saturday while driving back form the L.A.:

“No, Sleep!” “No, Cracker!” “No, Jacket!”

We hopped that it was just that she had a long day, but it appears that her favorite word has changed from Whatsthat? to No! With her learning a few new nouns everyday, she’s been able to expand the things she doesn’t want exponentially. We’ve tried reverse psychology by telling her no first, but I think she’s catching on.

There hasn’t been an Instruction Manual in a while, so I’ll open it up for your comments. What’s the best way to deal with the terrible 2s? (Besides adopt a 3 year old) Best suggestion gets this cool badge to hang anywhere there’s a computer monitor:

And live in infamy on the parenting instruction manual page.


instruction manualFollow up from last weeks question: How do you teach kids to value the things that you give them? Specifically I’m thinking about them loosing things/getting them dirty beyond washable/destroying them. Obviously you can not replace them, but more often than not it’s an item of clothing, and going naked to school isn’t an option in California (yet). So I’m looking for other ideas.

As always, longer posts on your blog with a link in the comments are fine…more than fine…they’re encouraged.

instruction manualI never thought I’d be taking childrearing advice from my childless younger sister, but she does have lots of experience working with kids (and families) as a social worker. So, Theresa is this weeks winner.

Tomorrow’s question will be a follow up to this one.


Side rant, but not worthy of a whole post: I think I need to cut down on my RSS feeds (or people need to stop posting on the weekends). I had >250 posts in my Google Reader today. Now granted I didn’t read any posts this weekend, but still, 250+ is near impossible. I’m getting really good a skimming and I’ve got it down to 55 at the moment (including whatever the count went up by in the last 4 hours). All those people who send out partial feeds need to think about what they say in the first few lines of their post; ‘cuz if it doesn’t peak my interest, I’m not clicking though. </rant>

instruction manual This weeks question, how do you teach a 5 year old the value of money?  Not what values do coins represent, but why we can’t buy everything you want and if you loose your jacket, that’s money we could have used for other things.  Bonus points if you have a way that younger siblings can participate or won’t be interested  (we’ve got a little sibling equality issues in our house right now).

As always, if you need more space (or just think your readers would like to hear your answer) feel free to put it on your blog and leave a link.

instruction manualWow, 5 comments, that’s 5 more than I was expecting and 4 more than I was hoping for. Thanks to everyone who made suggestions.

We keep our house a bit on the cool side, so we were resisting draining the bath because a wet baby is a cold baby (on the other hand, the older kids get the plug pulled on them as a motivation to get out of the tub).

I’m going to give this weeks award to Alicia from Daughter of Hope for her comment mostly because it had a song and what toddler doesn’t like a song. Feel free to put the image on your blog (leave a comment if you need help). You’re also immortalized in the new Instruction Manual page which if we play long enough might actually become a nice parenting instruction manual.

There will be an new question tommorrow. Thi$ $entance i$ the only clue you’re going to get about what the topic will be.

instruction manualThe reason I started this blog (and titled it as such) is that we’re inexperienced parents learning as we go. I’m fairly certain that most of our readers are more experienced parents than we are (so why not draw on your knowledge). And I think I’ve got a large enough readership to have a contest (although you guys sure don’t comment very much).

So, without further ado, I’m introducing The Instruction Manual Award. We’ll play as questions in our lives come up (probably weekly). Best answer gets the award. Hang it on your wall, post it on your blog, do what ever all the other cool kids are doing with their awards.

So your question for the week: What’s the best way to get a baby/small child out of a full sized bath tub and into a towel without getting yourself and/or the floor soaked?

Feel free to answer in your blog and leave a link, especially if you need pictures (although please be smart about posting pictures of your child naked on the internet). I’ll pick the best answer on Monday.

Don’t worry the question will get harder.