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…put up a post about how real life is getting in the way of blogging.  I’ve been more busy at work than normal, I need to go back to doing experiments that have long incubation times, which gives me time to write posts.  Of course, starting a new blog doesn’t help much.  You’d be amazed at how much harder running a self-hosted blog is than a blog on (most of it is self inflicted because you can change so much more).

Next week at On The Fly: How come my kids never do anything funny enough to put up on my blog? 🙂


While sitting in my kid’s room a few nights ago (Yordie won’t settle down without someone in the room), I came up with a theory. I was really enjoying my glass of wine and I started to wonder how to define addiction. Sure, I could stop drinking the wine. But I didn’t want to because I was enjoying it. There’s a fine line in there somewhere. But there must be something I would trade to give up wine for the rest of my life. And, for that matter, there’s something that I would trade to give up all the things I’m “addicted” to. So here’s my list of what I would want to get to give something up for the rest of my life. Apologies to those that subscribe to the clinical DSM-IV definition of addiction (Susan).

Hard alcohol-$5 a week (the occasional margarita would be tough to pass up).
Wine-An extra dinner out (or take out) with my family per week.
Beer-An extra week long vacation with my family per year (yeah I enjoy drinking it that much).
All alcohol-I’d probably do it for the vacation + the dinners out.

Coffee-$10 a week (I’d switch to tea)
Tea-$5 a week (it’s a nice substitute for coffee, but no big deal)
Soft drinks-$1 a week (I drink it rarely, but the occasional substitute is nice)
All Caffeine-An extra dinner out with the family (it’s interesting that I’m an order of magnitude more addicted to caffeine than I am to alcohol, but it would take less for me to give it up. Maybe that’s because I know I should cut back. 🙂

Chocolate in it’s raw form (candy)-$1 a week
Chocolate in baked form-$5 a week (chocolate chip cookies would be hard)
All Chocolate-$5 a week

Writing Blogs-$1 a week (lately it’s becoming harder for me to write good content here; I’ll bet this one varies the most from moth to month).
Reading Blogs-$20 a week (since I have a whole day’s post dedicated to what I find on the web, I’d say I definitely enjoy it.)
Both-$20 a week

I think the value of the items I would trade for would be much smaller if we were talking about giving them up for a fixed amount of time, but I’m thinking about what I would want in exchange for giving them up forever.

So, I tag all of you. Pick one or two (or come up with your own vices) and tell us what you’d want to give them up forever in the comments. Or do the whole list on your blog and leave us a link so we can go and read.

One-sentence stories from this weekend (in chronological order):

Coming up with punishments that are related to the infractions is harder than it seems like it should be.

4 bedroom, 2600 square foot houses are 66% larger than our house, but don’t seem nearly as cavernous as I thought they would be.

The only thing more exciting to a 4 year old than ridding the trolley for the first time is getting to sit on the side of the trolley that allows you to travel backwards on the trolley.

The difference between Addis Ababa (the city) and baba (bottle) is lost on a 21 month old.

It’s a lot easier to pay attention to the priest when 2/3 of your children are at the step-out program.

The best part about having a child that requires you in the bedroom to fall asleep is it affords you time to write blog posts on your laptop.

instruction manualThe reason I started this blog (and titled it as such) is that we’re inexperienced parents learning as we go. I’m fairly certain that most of our readers are more experienced parents than we are (so why not draw on your knowledge). And I think I’ve got a large enough readership to have a contest (although you guys sure don’t comment very much).

So, without further ado, I’m introducing The Instruction Manual Award. We’ll play as questions in our lives come up (probably weekly). Best answer gets the award. Hang it on your wall, post it on your blog, do what ever all the other cool kids are doing with their awards.

So your question for the week: What’s the best way to get a baby/small child out of a full sized bath tub and into a towel without getting yourself and/or the floor soaked?

Feel free to answer in your blog and leave a link, especially if you need pictures (although please be smart about posting pictures of your child naked on the internet). I’ll pick the best answer on Monday.

Don’t worry the question will get harder.

So, I’m a little obsessed with blog stats. If I type the letter o into the address bar of my web browser, the stats page for this blog is the first website listed in the automatic fill-in. I even made a new definition and did it to myself. But now two days in a row, I we (since Susan had a post today) have had record traffic.

blog stats

While we’ve had a larger than normal number of referrers (mostly due to comments I’ve left on other blogs and WFMW), it only accounts for 1/5 of the page views. So either all those people decided to read our entire blog (hope you enjoyed it) or a lot more people are coming in via bookmarks. That or someone keeps checking 50 times a day to see if we have new content. To you I say, “Get a feed reader and stop messing with my mind.”

search results

Not sure if these people found their answers, but here they are:

1. Don’t! If you can’t avoid it (like lets say, your kid is in another country half way around the world), get your wife and mother-in-law to go pick up the baby 🙂

2. Tell him/her to stop. You may also find timeouts work well in these situations although ours have been accidental up to this point (at least with the 4 year old; the baby thinks hitting things (and people) is fun)

3. I’m assuming you got your answer.

4. Having filled out this form way too many times (considering we only had one adoption), I can tell you for certain that you want to put your local USCIS office if you’re having your child escorted or Addis Ababa, Ethiopia if you’re traving to get your child. Oh and congratulations on your impending adoption.

In case you hadn’t taken a look at my sidebar recently (if you’re reading this on the single post page, you’ll have to go to the main page to see it), I’ve been racking up a lot of wins at Avery’s “Caption Me” contest where he puts up a photo and you get to add a caption. Now while I think I’m a pretty funny guy, the more likely reason I’ve been winning is that only a few people submit captions, so the competition is slim. This week, I’m the only one that has an entry. So, please go and leave a comment so that I don’t win by default.

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