Q: What’s the best way to get a baby/small child out of a full sized bath tub and into a towel without getting yourself and/or the floor soaked?
A: From Alicia from Daughter of Hope…First, I use a bath rug, that takes care of the floor part pretty well. Then I actually drape a hooded towel across the front of me, so that I can pick up the baby while I’m still sitting beside the tub and wrap her up quickly while staying dry. When my first child decided he didn’t want to leave the bath,I made up this song, “Bathtime is fun, bathtime is fun, now it’s time for jammies, bathtime is done!” This bouncy little jingle always ended any resistance, along with a peak at his wet face in the bathroom mirror. My second just likes to be wrapped up in her towel tightly to be my “burrito baby.” (rest of the answers)

Q:How do you teach a 5 year old the value of money?
A: From Theresa (blogless)….You’d be surprised what extra small chores 4 and 5 year olds are willing to do around the house for a quarter. Especially after they’ve been to the dollar store to see what toys they can buy with 4 quarters (you pay the tax). This tactic does require weekly trips to the dollar store for the first month or so to maintain interest.
Once the initial connection is made between earning money for work and spending it yourself on things you want, it’s easier for them to understand that parents go to work to earn money to buy them things.
You also get to use the, “Do you have $5 for that toy?” line, and have it actually mean something to them.
P.S. This isn’t likely to keep them from losing their jacket, but might help them understand why it makes Mom and Dad mad when they do. (rest of the answers)

2 Responses to “Instruction Manual”

  1. Megan George Says:

    I found your website because I googled Arbegona and adopt. We recently received a referral for a girl from Ethiopia – Arbegona to be exact. We too will be travelling to meet her family and we’re wondering if there is any way you would be willing to chat with us on the phone one of these evenings? We’d love to hear more about how long your trip went, what Arbegona was like, and whether you brought your daughter to Etiopia with you to get your son (and whether she went to Arbegona with you). We have a 5 1/2 year old son and are debating bringing him to Ethiopia.
    If you’re too busy, we completely understand. A quick email would work too.
    Thanks and hope you are well!!!
    Megan & Stephen

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