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“The AIDS orphans are not grim waifs, devoid of desire and hope; they are darling loving playful CHILDREN who deserve to grow up, to live. We must intervene to help them. Not by adoption (which touches fewer than one percent of Africa’s orphans), but by helping the children’s parents to live, by allowing the world to generate fewer orphans.”-Mellisa Fay Greene

“I feel like we are in a giant car heading for a brick wall at 100 miles an hour and everyone in the car is arguing where they want to sit. For God’s sake, someone has to say put the brakes on and turn the wheel.”-Environmentalist David Suzuki

“One of the tricks is to ALLOW a child to be bored; NOT to fill up every minute with options and extracurriculars; not to allow electronics to be clicked on in a moment of down time. The boredom forces invention; the invention gives a clue as to what deeply amuses a child.”-Mellisa Fay Greene

“…you are doing what I want to see more people doing and that is STICKING OUT, making a visual statement, and declarin enough is enough to the world. There is a major difference in wearing the statement because you care and are trying to make a difference, and wearing the latest fad because MTV told you to.”-Avery

3 Responses to “Quotes”

  1. Just found your blog. Love the quotes.

  2. Shima Says:

    Yup. Very catchy quotes. I’ll keep them in mind.

  3. Izrul Fizal Says:

    Interesting post. Nice quotes as well. Thanks for sharing.

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